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Real Estate ERP

Why Construction365cloud as a Real Estate ERP?

Construction365cloud is customized Real estate ERP, an Internet-ready software solution popularly known as ERP for Construction & Re-development industries. As a fully-integrated real estate solution, Construction365cloud – Real Estate ERP Software offers a variety of margin safeguards to enable builders and contractors to get a profitable result in a construction project. In simple words, a Construction ERP is the software solution containing all the operative departments of the real estate firm. Construction365cloud helps in managing every aspect of the real estate industry from Project managers to materials, outsourcing jobs, plant management to mobile assets, and labor in the field effectively. Construction365cloud consists of integrated functions for Financial account management, Lead and Sales management, Marketing campaign management, Customer relationship management, Project budgeting, Estimation of costing, Project planning, & Project management, Purchase management, Store & Inventory control, Labor contract management, Human resource department management, Quality control management, Tender management, Billing management and Fixed asset management. All the above functions share common data, thus making the organization analogous. With Construction365cloud - enterprise resource planning (ERP) for Construction, you can bolster efficiency and visibility across your Project by leveraging our experience gained through successful implementation of our ERP Software in various construction companies.

Why Real estate enterprise resource planning software mandatory for construction industry?

Real estate Industry is a capital-intensive industry, and it faces many difficulties in various areas from Project Planning to Execution. Project costing and working unitedly with suppliers, contractors, and labors call for a significant degree of clarity on cash flow, pricing, and regulatory compliance.

Manage resources with scheduling

See who's working on what: Understand resources capacity and make sure you`ve distributed the workload evenly.
Stay on top of due dates: See start and finish dates or get a “percentage complete” for jobs.
Track milestones: The statistics view gives an accurate picture of upcoming deadlines.

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9+ Real Estate ERP Modules

  • Manages all Sales activity like Inquiry, Booking management of unit and Car parking management.
  • Manages all post sales activity like Loan detail entry, Installment management, Complaint management, and Master documents uploads.
  • Manage all the activity likes Survey report and Land acquisition.
  • Manage document construction project activity like Project creation, Agencies assignments and BOQ generation.
  • Create and organize Work order, Assign task, and optimize productivity.
  • Manage Material requisitions, Goods Receiving, Goods Issuing and Bills.
  • Generate reports : BOM Generation, Issue Note Generation, IGRN Generation and DPR reporting
  • Compare and Upload quatations.
  • Generate Reports : Indent Generation, GRN and Purchase order
  • Stock ledger management; both GRN and IGRN.
  • Generation of reports for Stocks, Aging, and Stock movement.
  • Automates tax compliances posting like Service tax and VAT.
  • Tally Integration.
  • Comprehensive financial report based on defined cost centre.
  • Detailed capital flow statement, projected and actual.
  • Auto voucher creation.
  • GST and TDS reports.
  • Manage all task activity like add task, assign task and add follow ups.
  • Task Reminder can be set as well.
  • Administrative setting, user roles and rights management.
  • Status of mail or SMS sent or received.
  • It creates general work orders and purchase orders for localized purchases.
  • Manage activity of Employee, Vendor and Agency.
  • Integration with Email Client, Chat bot, OCR, IVR and SMS & Email Notification.

The Most Important and Essential Real Estate ERP Features

Which are the essential features required in construction software for management of construction company? We are offering a list of features that are beneficial to every builder and project managers looking to manage their construction business better.

  • Accounting & Financials
  • Job Costing
  • Project Management
  • Site Management
  • Custom Reports
  • Document Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Bid Proposal
  • Easy Approval Cycle
  • Material Management
The real estate erp simultaneously manages control of the expenses and costs. Real estate software offers the migration of the accounting data to other accounting software, which is the basic need of Construction projects. Typically it includes accounts, budgeting, payroll, invoicing, work order entry, with the assent adjustment based on the client and job.
Construction365cloud offers to set the prices for the different types of construction services provided by the construction company and manage the cost for each service or project at each level from employee to contractor and production manager to administration. It also offers functions like trace time expenses, manages project timelines, and produce actionable data to increase productivity, make purchase orders, and create invoices.
Some builders prefer a separate project management functionality, enabling them to adopt a bird’s eye view of their projects, yet also to zoom in and keep a record of even the tiniest details. Usually, Builders are incapable of tracking each product's stocks in the assigned projects delivery lifecycle manually. Also, management might have trouble in resource planning, team distributions, collaboration, preparing project progress report, developing and managing new upcoming projects or clients, reschedule project timeline with cost-effectiveness, and many more functions. Our real estate erp automates most of those tasks like managing resources across various projects, making and renewing project schedules, and assuring the project is profitable.
Workload self-regulation, team supervision, task distributions and control, and job schedule for each task is called Site management. This function of the real estate enterprise resource planning software will be helpful for any residential or commercial projects to schedule tasks properly. It also helps in allocating a task to the right people with equipment records over various projects. Construction365cloud helps in managing workload on different projects with the capacity to immediately re-balance this workload in response to unforeseeable obstacles (weather, client input, job site challenges, etc.). It is also a key feature to plan the project timeline and allot workers and supports. As a result, to foretell meaningful inter-dependencies of workers and supplies, create reminders for subcontractors and other staff, and coordinate this schedule as a project progresses to account for external factors.
In the construction industry, the main reason for the collection of various data reports is to improve efficiency and make business more profitable. In the construction business, where subcontractors face issues on efficiency and quality, the data plays a significant role to gain a competitive advantage. Though, manually collecting and optimizing data for generating various reports is hard to achieve. Construction365cloud has a real-time reporting system which helps in generating custom reports for an employee, subcontractors, finance department, and admin department. Custom reports help to understand better what is going in business and moderate the way to increase profitability and efficiency of the worksite.
In the construction business, you are collecting and managing lots of documents every day like material quotations, supplier information, advertising data, employee HR information, property documents, etc. Our document management features allow you to store any documents or files in the cloud base space. You can easily search and retrieve any documents from the cloud with search and retrieve functions easily. Even you can also upload docs from our Android or IOs mobile application by scan or camera capture. Our document management feature is fully integrated with the cloud so you can centralize all your documents, streamline workflow, and permission processes. Admin can control document systems to allow individual users to have secure access to documents to maintain privacy and security.
This feature allows a user to manage inventory stock with minimum stock levels and report effectively. You can set minimum-maximum stocks threshold limits, goods invoices, tracks of multiple suppliers with material details in our construction inventory management system. Easily search and track inventory and prepare which stocks of inventory are appended to specific project orders. Set up multiple locations as the warehouse where inventories are stored, either it's a warehouse or project site. Construction365cloud's Inventory management features handle material invoice record, serialization, supplier history records. Create a material reorder list based on stock and generate purchase orders.
Equipment management feature allocates equipment to various projects effectively and efficiently. It also shows which devices need support and which is fully ready to be used on the job site. Built-in equipment management feature can track equipment suppliers, guarantee or warranty, services, or maintenance records to ensure the consistent performance of the equipment on the job site. It maintains overall productivity by guarding all construction assets to meet your client's expectations. Equipment shortage notification is also a big point to keep project development continue without a halt. Evaluate the profitability of each equipment item by tracing all related expenses, take record depreciation of each equipment and record, track of revenue generated from its use on projects, and examine your profit or loss on the usage of specific equipment.
Bid proposal feature helps in a request and track bids from subcontractors to find the ideal team for your project. Bid management software automates and streamlines the manual process of creating and submitting proposals and driving construction projects forward. It offers subcontractors professional-looking bid estimates online, and on the other side, constructors and project managers can have a track of all bids of construction projects. It helps in getting better visibility and leveraging accountability.
Construction365cloud – building construction management software provides user's easy cycle of approval, where management can approve such things based on authority. In the approval cycle, there is a sequence of authority like Purchase manager, engineering head, the accounting department, admin assistant, and Managing Director. All the document approval process is going in series, when approved by the purchase manager, the document will go to the engineering head, then it will go to Managing Director for final approval.
Material management tracking features often come hand-in-hand with a tool and material tracking options. These features enable you to observe and control whatever happens to materials that your suppliers deliver, as well as review quotes you have received and funds you have spent on materials

Benefits of Real Estate ERP Software

Real estate ERP software in the market fulfills specific needs, such as compliance with varying lease accounting regulations, homeowner association management, or real estate portfolio management.

Real estate software solutions help and automate essential job functions of real estate professionals for two results:

  • Improved customer relation management.
  • Optimize and enhance business performance.

  • Project Budget Tracking
  • Real Estate Risk Assessment
  • Reduce Data Management Work
  • Easy Account Tracking
  • Cloud-Based Software Offers 24*7 Availability
  • Easy Sale And Lease Processing
  • Mobile Application For Instant Online Access
All data that is drawn in reports can be allocated to specific projects. Real estate software solution should be able to give you insight on which projects you make higher margins, and which projects your better off not taking. As real estate management software can help you collate the data towards a project, and you know the budget you have. You can track the exact costs versus the budget. Contractors have daily insight into their profitability and their project development while the project/job builders can alter things to gain their margins.
Our Real Estate Project Management Software gives a precise, quantified analysis of the risks connected with the cost, performance, and scheduling of real estate projects. It enables you to work effectively on timescales with sensible budgets. It will increase confidence in your management approach and ability to make project decisions with more certainty. Every real estate project management environment is a balancing act between Quality, Price, and Time.
Obtaining and storing a massive amount of buyers’ data, including their personal information and payment records, is highly time-consuming and errorful if done manually. Mainly when there are various properties to manage and maintain track of every single transaction is essential for the real estate business. By introducing real estate management erp software, construction businesses can withdraw this data management concerns and reduce a vast amount of precious time spent on day-to-day administrative work. Our real estate software can analyze this data and generate complete reports. It helps real estate companies gain insightful data on market demand, control of investments, and other business transactions.
Keeping track of payment records without real estate erp is very complicated. It becomes even more complex when a company needs to track payments incurred from various means which require a few days to process. There is a high risk of missing the payment records, resulting in companies losing track of payments and incurring losses. Construction365cloud enabled with payment accounting features can quickly help real estate businesses deal with these problems. It reviews invoices, keep reports, and watches payments from each buyer, which lets companies generate financial reports automatically. It grants businesses to optimize the processes and take more reliable decisions in sales, leasing, or renting properties.
The main benefit of cloud-based Software is 24*7 availability. Cloud-based real estate erp allows control of all your project information in one place, from anywhere. Construction365cloud is cloud-based real-estate management software that keeps construction teams better connected and organized.
Construction365cloud helps real estate companies efficiently manage sales funnel, watch the lease dates, and other related activities. The system uses robust governance features, which allow administrators to set rules that would automatically trigger like reminders and escalations, assuring timely action.
Construction Application is available for Android and iOS mobile phone so that users can access it from anywhere anytime.

Real Estate ERP Application

Nowadays, Each construction business owner looking for a software that works beyond platform dependencies means accessible from anywhere, either desktop, laptop, or mobile. Our construction management software is cloud-based and accessible from everywhere by any number of users such as employees, management, contractors, sub-contractors with real-time data. Web-based construction software offers a 360-degree view on equipment management, workers management, project progress checking, project deadlines, and new client input online. It is helpful for management to make quick decisions on the work reschedule and reduce the time for offline communication with all the relevant departments. Obtaining all the above-listed features on a mobile platform can accommodate complete projects faster.

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