List of the must-have construction software modules

Site Module

The site management module is for powerful cost management for each project, track of labor hiring, leasing, and usage of equipment. This module helps in staying within the budget, which is the key to success for any construction firm.

In the site module, we cover SSR Generation, Requisition Generation, GRN, Issue Note, Machinery Consumption, Material Consumption, IGRN, and Site Completion Report.

Engineering Module

The engineering module in construction management software is designed to automate team and management work of various engineering projects, which require approvals and reviews. Engineering module offering flexibility to accommodate projects as well as workflows associated with projects, it acts as a central location for critical information, pertinent data, and project progress.

This module is specially developed for offering support to unique requirements to the project development process.

Purchase Module

Purchase Module is vital for the purchasing department, and the suppliers of the products usually determine it, purchase records, each holds a product description and quantity. Purchase management of Construction ERP(enterprise resource planning) software offers complete control for generating purchase orders, completing the procurement process, vendor payment, cost accrual, etc.

It also handles Issue note, requisition verification, quotation entry, comparison statement, purchase order, urgent PO, purchase bill, GRN verification, IGRN verification, payment verification, urgent PO verification and purchase return verification.

Account Module

Accounting module in the construction management software empowers you to efficiently manage in-flow and out-flow of the money in your business. Keep track of all invoices, expenses notes, Issue note verification, purchase order verification, payment against PO, purchase bill verification, GRN verification, purchase return verification. Record, monitor, and arrange your bank accounts and transactions in real-time.

Store Module

Stores Module is connected with the Inventory, Payments, and Legal modules. Purchase Administrators can quickly locate information regarding material requisition, inquiry, price, bid comparison, agreement, purchase order, stock receipt note, and invoice generation in real-time. Store Managers can trace the entire details of the stock, material purchased, transferred, and returned accompanying with the inventory management process.

Admin Module

Nowadays, Administration is not just limited to business functions, but it becomes a technical business management tool. Admin module is an essential tool for hierarchy management, user management,user-rights to keep the security of your organization's privacy.

Admin module is all about Admin rights and helps to add different numbers of administrators like office executives, accounts, purchase departments, warehouse departments and give permissions of necessary functions and documents. The main objectives of the Admin module of construction software are inclusive of help desk support, secure backup timely, guide in training requirements, and managing interface.

Reports Module

Our Report module is to generate project-wise, division wise, location-wise, stock wise reports. It provides a complete view of how the business is doing, letting management to decide based on reliable and real-time data reports.

Our construction reporting module also provides you the ability to generate user-defined reports, customized report as per your requirements. It has built-in standard reports that are ready for instant usage.

There is automatic emailing feature in the reports module, which email various reports of projects, purchase, inventory, customer ledger, account receivable, accounts payable, payroll, purchase order, equipment, and subcontractors.

Tender – Bid Module

In the Bid module, multiple bidders can be allowed to bid each project simultaneously, and data gets stored in the construction system.

Bidder can upload the proposals and automatically filling into bid documents. Our Cloud based automated bidding process can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It decreases administration works and improves performance.

Sales Module

Sales Module is a complete module which shows every operation of the sales representative from personal sales to client feedback. It incorporates two steps of the sales process viz. Pre-Sales and Sales. Pre-Sales process establishes the rate-setting stage. Sales process step covers CRM activities like inquiry, booking, cancellation, complaint details, completion status, and sales agreements.

Back-office Module

All masters and utility tools are managed in the back-office module. In this module, you can alter masters like employees, inventories, inventory groups, units, equipment Name & types, transaction types, payment modes, warehouse, contact info, project sites, suppliers and vendors, etc.