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A glimpse of Construction App Modules

Every construction industry leaders are constantly working hard to get more productive. Because of this, many construction firm owners have adapted technology to take the industry to the next level. We have now reached the era of mobile applications. A handy and simple to access, construction mobile application is the primary method to increase a construction business's productivity. Not just this, a construction app can track analytics, help representatives to cooperate real-time, give access to refer to the project right away.

While driving several things from one station to the other, with a mobile app, all operations can turn much more accessible.

DashboardIt shows different reports like statistics for total Godown stock, stock cost, running project, completed project, total requisitions, pending requisitions, complete requisition, PO, Urgent PO, GRN, and IGRN.
In the Construction management mobile application, Site supervisor can generate SSR, Requisition, Goods receipt notes, Issues notes, Machinery consumption, Material consumption, IGRN and Site consumption report.
In this module Engineer can verify SSR, Requisition, Issue Note (Site Department), Issue Note Verification (Purchase Department), PO Verification, Payment Verification, Returnable Repairing Note Verification and Urgent PO Verification.
In this module, Purchase department head will Verify Requisition, GRN, IGRN, Payment, Purchase Return, and make the Quotation, Comparison statement, Purchase order, Urgent PO, Issue Note, and Purchase Bill.
In the account module Account department will Verify Issue Note, PO, Payment Against PO, Purchase Bill, Urgent PO, GRN, and Purchase Return.
In the Store, module storekeeper will modify issue notes and create IGRN, GRN, Returnable repairing note and Purchase Return.
In the Admin module, Admin assistant will verify Urgent PO, PO, Issue Note, GRN, Payment, Returnable Repairing Note, and Purchase Return.
Super Admin will keep an eye on the entire system by using this module. Also, Super Admin has the ultimate authority to approve or reject Urgent PO, PO, Issue Note, GRN, Payment, Returnable Repairing Note, and Purchase Return.
In the reports module, you can create customizable reports and share them in real-time across devices. With the use of cloud-based construction management software, the user will generate and view a report from anywhere anytime.
An accountable person can upload and view Tenders and Bid documents for future reference.
In this module, Admin can collect payment through online and also check the history of payments.
In the CRM Module, an accountable person can check the history of clients with them the address, mobile number, payment history, and many more.
Master management managed the back-office of the system. There are various types of masters. Like an employee, item, item group, item type, machine, machine type, Unit, Transaction type, transporter, payment mode, store, address, group, project, site, Customer and Vendor.
Available in various regional languages gives more power to the user, to use construction app in their native language. It is easier to use and can reach more people.
The most secure way in terms of accessibility is Fingerprint lock as no other can access it.
Online – Offline sync.
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