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An ERP That Never Gets Old

Construction365cloud offers you a timeless experience. The future compatibility that incorporates all the latest features and provides an all new experience to the users. It covers the complete lifecycle of construction business in various modules. From Land Survey to Post Sales, everything just a click away. Developed by highly experienced professionals, QA by veterans and approved by the pioneers of construction business. Interface which adopts the deployment as per users’ comfort be it Cloud Based or LAN based and it comes with Mobile Application to provide flexibility and freedom.

The Way to Perfection

Figures and details are very important to any business, more the visibility of the details more the perfection. Construction365cloud provides you a whole new domain to analyze your business. It presents before you the power to keep control on every activity at various and remote locations at the same time. Dynamic approval management keeps you updated with all the transactions going on in the business. In the era of technology and cut-throat competition our solution provides you an opportunity to reduce the overall cost of the project and increase the project margin.

Hence, to provide the construction industry the solution that can help them streamline their business and to serve them the expertise that we have earned through a very successful lifespan of more than 10 years, we have introduced Construction365cloud three years ago. Our clientele provided us with some amazing feedbacks after using the solution. Its adaptability to various scenario makes it segment leader. Our policy to serve as per the client’s requirements makes it highly likeable and easy to use. The construction business may be complex but our solution isn’t, it is as simple as using any other mobile application.

How it improves Your Process

Construction365cloud minimizes all the factors that impacts the smooth process of work flow. It manages a very smooth communication within and outside the business, decreasing the chances of errors that takes place because of lack of information. Features like Data/Documents Management, CRM, Activity Planning, Bill of Material, Bill of Quantity, Contractor Management, Labour Management, Task Management, Voucher Management, Expense Management, Accounting and many more feature designed to overcome the pain areas of construction business. Our continuous efforts to keep it market ready and feature rich to resolve the day to day challenges by identifying pain areas and makes it user friendly and loaded with latest technology.

Construction365cloud for a better tomorrow

Live Demo

Get to know the process of our solution through online access. There is no better way to finalize the product before having its look and feel. Know how it works and how it can bring the desired change in your business. Suggest your requirements during the demo and you’ll get it implemented in the final product.

Easy to Use

Our market leading UI/UX makes it user friendly. Easy access to data from remote location or mobile app makes it very comfortable to work. Keep track of all the assigned task through the Dashboard and generate reports as and when required. Keep your data in safe hands.

Technology Compatible

It adapts all the changes with ease. Be it Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Internet of Things (IoT). It is highly compatible and adaptable to changes. It is a smart ERP that analyze various patterns and suggest the way accordingly. IoT implementation closes all the loose ends and gives helps to manage the business in most efficient way.

Mobile Friendly

Why to sit in front of system if you can work from anywhere. Keep moving and stay updated at the same time. Construction365cloud Mobile Application provides you all the important figures at a glance. Approve, reject, task assignment, follow up’s and many more easily accessible through mobile application.