Why Construction365cloud as a Construction Project Management Software?

Construction365cloud is customized Construction management software, an Internet-ready software solution popularly known as ERP for Construction & Re-development industries. As a fully-integrated construction solution, Construction365cloud – Construction ERP Software offers a variety of margin safeguards to enable builders and contractors to get a profitable result in a construction project. In simple words, a Construction ERP is the software solution containing all the operative departments of the construction firm.

Construction365cloud helps in managing every aspect of the real estate industry from Project managers to materials, outsourcing jobs, plant management to mobile assets, and labor in the field effectively.

Construction365cloud consists of integrated functions for Financial account management, Lead and Sales management, Marketing campaign management, Customer relationship management, Project budgeting, Estimation of costing, Project planning, & Project management, Purchase management, Store & Inventory control, Labor contract management, Human resource department management, Quality control management, Tender management, Billing management and Fixed asset management. All the above functions share common data, thus making the organization analogous.

With Construction365cloud - enterprise resource planning (ERP) for Construction, you can bolster efficiency and visibility across your Project by leveraging our experience gained through successful implementation of our ERP Software in various construction companies.

Why Project Management Software mandatory for Real estate industry?

Real estate Industry is a capital-intensive industry, and it faces many difficulties in various areas from Project Planning to Execution. Project costing and working unitedly with suppliers, contractors, and labors call for a significant degree of clarity on cash flow, pricing, and regulatory compliance.

Manage Resources with scheduling

See who's working on what:

Understand resources capacity and make sure you`ve distributed the workload evenly.

Stay on top of due dates:

See start and finish dates or get a “percentage complete” for jobs.

Track milestones:

The statistics view gives an accurate picture of upcoming deadlines.


Which are the essential features required in construction software for management of construction company? We are offering a list of 17+ features that are beneficial to every project managers looking to manage their real estate business better.

Rights Management

Accounting and

The construction management software simultaneously manages control of the expenses and costs. Construction accounting software offers the migration of the accounting data to other accounting software...

Rights Management


Construction365cloud offers to set the prices for the different types of construction services provided by the construction company and manage the cost for each service or project at each level from employee to contractor...

Rights Management


Some builders prefer a separate project management functionality, enabling them to adopt a bird’s eye view of their projects, yet also to zoom in and keep a record of even the tiniest details. Usually, Builders are incapable of tracking each ...

Rights Management


Workload self-regulation, team supervision, task distributions and control, and job schedule for each task is called Site management. This function of the construction management software will be helpful for any residential ...

Rights Management


In the construction industry, the main reason for the collection of various data reports is to improve efficiency and make business more profitable. In the construction business, where subcontractors face issues on efficiency ...

Rights Management


In the construction business, you are collecting and managing lots of documents every day like material quotations, supplier information, advertising data, employee HR information, property documents, etc. Our document management features...


To overcome data management issues, it has become essential for people connected with the construction industry to invest in web-based construction software. Our project management software has different modules which can store vast data while helping them streamline entire property management related activities on the go.

Site Module

The site management module is for powerful cost management for each project, track of labor hiring, leasing, and usage of equipment. This module helps in staying within the budget, which is the key to success for any construction ...

Engineering Module

The engineering module in construction management software is designed to automate team and management work of various engineering projects, which require approvals and reviews. Engineering module offering flexibility to ...

Purchase Module

Purchase Module is vital for the purchasing department, and the suppliers of the products usually determine it, purchase records, each holds a product description and quantity. Purchase management of Construction ERP ...

Account Module

Accounting module in the construction management software empowers you to efficiently manage in-flow and out-flow of the money in your business. Keep track of all invoices, expenses notes, Issue note verification...

Store Module

Stores Module is connected with the Inventory, Payments, and Legal modules. Purchase Administrators can quickly locate information regarding material requisition, inquiry, price, bid comparison, agreement, purchase order...

Admin Module

Nowadays, Administration is not just limited to business functions, but it becomes a technical business management tool. Admin module is an essential tool for hierarchy management, user management,user-rights to...


Beyond being just Feature Rich, Strength of Construction365cloud lies in its simplicity and efficiency, thus implying quick Deployment and Less Training and Support needed. It turns into faster ROI for Real Estate Builders.

Project budget tracking

All data that is drawn in reports can be allocated to specific projects. Construction software solution should be able to give you insight on which projects you make higher margins, and which projects your better off not taking. As building construction management software can help you collate the data towards a project, and you know the budget you have. You can track the exact costs versus the budget. Contractors have daily insight into their profitability and their project development while the project/job builders can alter things to gain their margins.

Real Estate Risk Assessment

Our Real Estate Project Management Software gives a precise, quantified analysis of the risks connected with the cost, performance, and scheduling of real estate projects. It enables you to work effectively on timescales with sensible budgets. It will increase confidence in your management approach and ability to make project decisions with more certainty. Every real estate project management environment is a balancing act between Quality, Price, and Time.

Cloud-Based Software Offers 24*7 Availability

The main benefit of cloud-based Software is 24*7 availability. Cloud-based real estate software allows control of all your project information in one place, from anywhere. Construction365cloud is cloud-based construction management software that keeps construction teams better connected and organized.

Sale and Lease Processing

Our property management software helps real estate companies efficiently manage sales funnel, watch the lease dates, and other related activities. The system uses robust governance features, which allow administrators to set rules that would automatically trigger like reminders and escalations, assuring timely action.

Mobile Application

Construction Mobile application consists of a few modules of the web portal for remote operation.


It shows different reports like statistics for total Godown stock, stock cost, running project, completed project, total requisitions, pending requisitions, complete requisition, PO, Urgent PO, GRN, and IGRN.


In the Construction management mobile application, Site supervisor can generate SSR, Requisition, Goods receipt notes, Issues notes, Machinery consumption, Material consumption, IGRN and Site consumption report.


In this module Engineer can verify SSR, Requisition, Issue Note (Site Department), Issue Note Verification (Purchase Department), PO Verification, Payment Verification, Returnable Repairing Note Verification and Urgent PO Verification.


In this module, Purchase department head will Verify Requisition, GRN, IGRN, Payment, Purchase Return, and make the Quotation, Comparison statement, Purchase order, Urgent PO, Issue Note, and Purchase Bill.


In the account module Account department will Verify Issue Note, PO, Payment Against PO, Purchase Bill, Urgent PO, GRN, and Purchase Return.


In the Store, module storekeeper will modify issue notes and create IGRN, GRN, Returnable repairing note and Purchase Return.

Admin assistant

In the Admin module, Admin assistant will verify Urgent PO, PO, Issue Note, GRN, Payment, Returnable Repairing Note, and Purchase Return.

Super Admin

Super Admin will keep an eye on the entire system by using this module. Also, Super Admin has the ultimate authority to approve or reject Urgent PO, PO, Issue Note, GRN, Payment, Returnable Repairing Note, and Purchase Return.

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