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Why we for Construction Project Management Software?

Real Estate is a task-driven business and Construction project management software makes sure that project managers, engineers, and labours know everything that they need to do. Construction365cloud helps in managing every aspect of the real estate business from project management, materials, outsourcing jobs, plant management, mobile assets, and labours effectively. Our construction management software allows you to keep tabs on everything essential to your real estate project.

Construction365cloud consists Financial account management, Lead and Sales management, Marketing campaign management, Customer relationship management, Project budgeting, Estimation of costing, Project planning, Project management, Purchase management, Inventory control, Labor contract management, Human resource department management, Quality control management, Tender management, Billing management and Property management.

With Construction365cloud - enterprise resource planning (ERP) for Construction, you can bolster efficiency and visibility across your Project by leveraging our experience gained through successful implementation of our ERP Software in various construction companies.

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  • Simplistic and straightforward user interface with a minimal training curve.
  • Ability to set up and manage projects right from day one.
  • Simple and quick migration from spreadsheets, tally and other CRM software.
  • Best-in-class construction business automation features for automating your entire real estate project.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting that helps you make smarter business decisions.
  • Spend more time interacting with your clients and less on manual data entry.
  • Customize your construction management software as per your construction business needs.
  • Effortless integration with third-party business apps that you use.
  • Easily adaptable to meet various industry-specific needs.

Features of our Products

OCR Integration

Optical character recognition has been the buzz of technology in today's Enterprise resource planning systems. OCR does extract text data from documents, like billing invoices, money receipts, and business cards. OCR has made it easy for professionals to fill out their forms just by scanning the documents and also view & edit the documents.

IoT Integration

Integration of any type of sensor to locate and remotely monitor your vehicles, machines, equipment and personnel.

Generic management of all types of equipment.

Map visualization of all elements of the site.

Intelligent alert system. Movement outside working hours, entering or leaving a construction site.

Cloud-Based ERP

Cloud-based ERP allows users to access ERP software over the Internet. Cloud-based ERP generally has much lower costs because computing resources are leased yearly.

With cloud ERP, you can have better decision-making, fast development, more comprehensive compatibility, and more work efficiency.

Tally Integration

Construction365cloud with Tally integration is a direct single-step data transfer feature to export data from Construction365cloud to Tally.

It offers real-time consolidation of data from different systems for centralized reporting.

It automates the business processes that previously depended on manual data transfers between systems.

IVR Integration

IVR integrated with the ERP provides a more engaging experience with the clients. Based on the available ERP data and user interaction, the system will play more personalized IVR prompts. The ERP integrated with the IVR system allows caller calls on a predefined number.

The system will play personalized messages based on the available ERP details and supervise the Caller to get the required information or to take the desired action.

Chat Integration

Communicate with your colleagues within construction365cloud. Create group chats for teams and topics, and chat privately one on one. Team chat with notifications makes agent reaction time quickerand improves team efficiency.

Email Client Integration

In Construction management CRM system, email client integration allows clients to use their email clients inside CRM, thus all incoming emails are directly registered and all details about current and potential clients are kept in single place. The most advanced Construction CRM solutions, like Construction365cloud, allow you to modify CRM entries without leaving your inbox.

Smart Printing Mechanism

Smart printing mechanism allows printing invoices, documents and reports directly to a local printer from a Web application in a single click. We offer customized formats as per your business needs, and it will automatically print as per the previous setup. You don't need to preview the doc file every time before printing.

Business Intelligence

Business Process Automation in construction management software is the use of business intelligence in software to execute repetitive tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. I.e.: Suppose there is a biometric system in the construction project space for daily attendance. If labour doesn't come for several days, then the software will automatically terminate that employee from work with the help of business intelligence. You can automate multiple processes with business intelligence.

Construction365cloud - Ranked #1 on list of top 10 construction project management software by GoodFirms.

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